QNTAL "Silver Swan"

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QNTAL "Silver Swan"
  • Album: Silver Swan
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: DRAKKAR
  • Artist: 

Finally the German trio managed to conceive another interesting album! Even though "Silver Swan" is the fifth material, the previous two QNTAL releases, no. 3 and 4, haven't been remarkable but rather modest ones, consequently to the departure of the mastermind Ernst Horn (HELIUM VOLA). I thought this band's mirage lies within the balance between Ernst's inspiration and Syrah's voice. As one of the scales has disappeared, I was almost certain that once the equilibrium has been torn it shall never restore again. Well, I can assure you that this release gets far beyond the fans expectations, as the Ethereal/Heavenly-voices composition is mightier than ever before, the Celtic dimension creates a relaxing atmosphere and the rhythm is considerably slower, emphasizing the mood; all these are gathered within a Classical/Neo Classical structure inspiringly entwined with the Folk influences engendered by the use of more or less traditional instruments. It is perhaps the closest album to Lorenna Mc Kennitt's sound, even ATARAXIA's, and Syrah's angelic voice is the most beautiful gift for the listener to uncover. As it is my way to quest weak features in excellent albums, I have to say it was hard to find anything of the kind in this particular case.

Music like this one doesn't seem to have been touched by such drawbacks: the Electronic echoes entwined in the background awake an artificial sensation, but it is cloaked at once by the feminine voice. Otherwise, plenty of programming, imitating plenty of instruments: saz, shalmei, ud, tar, trombone... The album radiates positive energy, it is bright, calm and full of atmospheric traits, I guess we are dealing with the most complex and elegant work in QNTAL's history! The booklet is a high quality one and we also have the video for "Von Den Elben" track, proving the fact that the Germans are offering a beautiful collection piece.