RAISON D' ETRE "Requiem For Abandoned Souls"

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RAISON D' ETRE "Requiem For Abandoned Souls"
  • Album: Requiem For Abandoned Souls
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: CMI
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

When you make reference to such project, there is no way not to feel so damn intimidated and intrigued in the same time because of the mystery discharged by Peter Andersson's music. I won't start making the apology of what RDE is or will be for the Dark Ambient scene, not right here! But I let you know that the five new tracks simply carry on the line of the previous album with one remark: this time the musical sequences are even more depressed and faded in sorrow. There is an everlasting enigma for me how Peter can blend so amazingly the bombastic atmosphere, which is produced by synthetic instruments, with introverted intricate effects... so cold... so frozen that you all of a sudden are surrounded by feelings of solitude, abandon, isolation and emptiness. Anyway, no matter what, there cannot be spoken about an accessible music and I think that all those who prefer such sonorities must be prepared for giving in... to those five new dimensions. I warn you of that as otherwise you might get freaked out very badly and your reaction would be out of control... and there is such mesmerizing power of despair. From a different perspective, I tell you, this is a masterpiece of the style and for this time you can enjoy two new natural instruments such as cymbal and trombone. The lay out and graphics are executed again by Roger Karmanik and symbolizes in a perfect match exactly what the whole album transposes: age of chaos!