RAJNA "Duality"

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RAJNA "Duality"
  • Album: Duality
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • France

Here they are, having reached the seventh album these two, meaning Jeanne and Fabrice. Their last albums didn’t really do it for me, didn’t enjoy them as well as I did the first two, perhaps due to the fact that the Oriental elements started to be combined with newer ones, western, more commercial and perhaps a bit too melodious. The new album which totals 16 tracks, an hour of Ethno Heavenly music, tries to come back to that tribal that the DEAD CAN DANCE fans appreciate so much, nevertheless leaving strong imprints from the modern sound, which, due to Jeanne’s superb voice, seem to be successfully harmonised. There seems to be quite an abundance of instruments that were used, probably the most complex albums of them all, perhaps not the most mystical, but definitely the most atmospheric. There are some Gothic elements that can be detected on some tracks, these eventually framing a modern RAJNA but also deeply rooted into the Tibetan civilisation. On some of the tracks Jeanne’s voice reminds me of Lisa Gerrard’s solo tracks, the gravity of the vocals being the relish of the entire sound.