RAJNA "Otherwise"

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RAJNA "Otherwise"
  • Album: Otherwise
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: Holy
  • Artist: 
  • France

The legendary Fabrice and Jeanne have return with a new studio album, considerably different from the ones I've listened so far. The Mystical and Nepalese/Tibetan elements are paler now, the conceptual frame is secluded this time from DEAD CAN DANCE approach and, furthermore RAJNA presents more focus on the feminine voice, a very powerful and dominant one. The archaic instruments generate a particular musical sensuality and this Ethereal Atmospheric Neo Folk structured around an oriental structure is one my rebellious spirit enjoys tremendously."Lost Memories" is the album's most complex and complete piece, arousing me remembrances of Lisa Gerard, while both the voices and the background sound are fabulous! Whistling instruments Fabrice is using have a charm of their own and, generally, the flute guides the sound, even in what concerns the feminine voice.

Otherwise, I dislike the fact they are using on certain tracks new and modern elements, electric guitars or computer simulated rhythms, pretty linear and wearisome, disconcerting the mythical aura that they've created so far, as the previous six albums have raised a special beauty. We also have a video for "Porcelain Sky" track, the most promoted piece and also the utter relevant one in what concerns this last release's approach, ending with a brief presentation Jeanne has done for the interested ones. A unique universe, beautiful music, a distinct feeling, created through plenty of appealing traditional instruments and a sublime voice, all these unveil RAJNA's realm!