RAPTURE "Silent Stage"

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RAPTURE "Silent Stage"
  • Album: Silent Stage
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

The first two albums of the five Finns, "Futile" and "Songs For The Withering" have received positive feedbacks, RAPTURE becoming an interesting name for a lot of people. If the debut presented us a funeral Melancholic Doom Death Metal, slow but a real jewellery for that time, the next step insisted on the Gothic Death side, combining guttural voices with normal ones and the rhythm has grown in intensity, the final sound being a digestible one by more people. After three years, the vocalist's Petri band comes with other 9 atmospheric songs, with a lot of life and energy, insisting now on a PARADISE LOST dynamism, but keeping something from the actual KATATONIA. The same spectrum is valid in voices' case too, the normal ones reminding of the Swedish band and the guttural ones to the old Nick Holmes. One with another, the normal ones sound more natural than the agressive ones, which seem forced, even if this concept of contrast is the base of alternation. The keyboard is pretty insistent, the guitars sound really good, the Gothic Metal rhythm being very well emphasized, despite of the high lack of originality. But I found some accords from the most of the Finnsh bands of this kind, like FRAGILE HOLLOW, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, THY SERPENT... all the members of the band have been collaborators in this projects. I enjoyed the audition of this album, but I'm sure I'll listen it again not very early.