RAPTURE "Songs For Withering"

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RAPTURE "Songs For Withering"
  • Album: Songs For Withering
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 

The list of albums I so much desired to listen to but actually turned out to be a disappointment has been extended with this one! I guess I miss Depressive Metal but I refer to the grey one with heart-rending passages, not the Gothic Rock one with melodic rhythms and danceable tunes. If we take a look from fashion's perspective, I could say RAPTURE features a fresh vibrant sound moulded on a profile of two male powerful different voices that actually lead the entire instrumentation. All that Metallic depressive mystery featured on the debut "Futile" has become an extroverted sound oscillating between warmth and iciness, yet full of highlighted and melodic parts while Death Metal places behind melancholic Rock. It is a close-knit album with a mature sound, Heavy guitars and tedious battery and Peri's voice contrasts the new one's, Henri (DIABLERIE). I also understood there was a change at the guitars' section; so, we can speak about a new line-up. I suppose the new direction approached grants the listener with an ambiguous mood, especially if still lives the nostalgia of dark sound the debut featured...and I am afraid that the 9 tracks shall be a catalytic agent for a very different category of fans: of melodic Metal full of commercial shades and pretty tasty for a live performance. Yet...why complaining, this is the new trend and it seems it is also the new sound coming from Finnish Metal bands...