RAVENTHRONE "Endless Conflict Theorem"

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RAVENTHRONE "Endless Conflict Theorem"
  • Album: Endless Conflict Theorem
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Ray Wells might be familiar for some due to his famous project, PAZUZU. It seems like moving in Canada changed his musical vision so that the ruins of Dark Metal hardly can be noticed inside the new tunes. His debut with this new project, "Malice In Wonderland", pleasantly surprised me but it has been a while since that time and RAVENTHRONE name was rather forgotten. Moreover, since last PAZUZU material was quite a disappointment, I guess no one really expected more from this veteran of Austrian Black Metal scene.
Finally, Ray's friendship with Martin Shirenc (PUNGENT STENCH, HOLLENTHON) conducts to this very new RAVENTHRONE album, sensibly sheltered by the same Epic Folk Metal dimension. Any further...it is pretty hard to characterize since the sound is so diversified that it actually is difficult to settle if it is deception or originality...I tend to think the first part is the true one taking in account I quite used to admire Ray's music. What you are supposed to listen to oscillates between exuberant Gothic Metal (in CREMATORY manner) and extreme Black Metal full of epic passages, miscellaneous inflexions of the voice (clear and violent), some choral effects, Rock drums, heavy but very melancholic tunes, a paler keyboard while the straight supremacy belongs now to the harmony of guitars. The recording is pretty elegant and the opposition calm-aggressive fascinates and confuses as well. Perhaps is an album with too many ideas featuring many musical styles...so that, in the end, I have no ideas whom are going to be pleased... www.malicegarden.com