RIVENDELL "Elven Tears"

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RIVENDELL "Elven Tears"
  • Album: Elven Tears
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: SKALDIC ART
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

An impressing album if we take in consideration the person who is behind the name: a single character, Falagar. If the debut album, "The Ancient Glory", might have had some common Black Epic Metal sequences, well, the material is totally taken over by a Folk Viking aura and the sound is rather bombastic peaceful yet and meditative. It is, if you want, an ambitious replica to FALKENBACH, perhaps a little bit more Metallic and less atmospheric! RIVENDELL is focused on guitars' sound and the keyboard is a precious link to the strong masculine vocals and its assorted inflections. If we need to be critical on this material I'd say that the new compositions are in lack of strength and after a meticulous audition you come to realize that all the tracks look like the same and moreover, from time to time, the tunes make you fall asleep. However, this is an Epic Folk of a high quality, which, most certainly, will cause some troubles to the Medieval Black Metal followers but now it is in a version much too contemplative and calmer with hymns of a certain charm and lyrics of Tolkien themes. There is up to be mentioned that the percussion was accomplished by Boltthorn (VINDSVAL).