Rome "Berlin MCD"

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Rome "Berlin MCD"
  • Album: Berlin MCD
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: COLD MEAT
  • Artist: 
  • Luxembourg

How odd: the band is named ROME, it comes from Luxembourg and the mini - album is entitled "Berlin"!!! A beautiful CDM, Apocalyptic Folk and meditative Neo-Folk, with a masculine voice equally imposing and warm, cordial, on the whole a calm sound, without any shade of aggressiveness... ultimately, six short tracks brimful with unique nostalgic elements.

Do not get lured into believing that the atmosphere solely awakens nostalgia! We enjoy several influences, starting with Ambient, Dark, Industrial, and deepening into martial, noise or Post Folk. A genuine surprise, therefore I am eager to get to listen to their official debut, one that has been announced in the very near time! Indeed interesting.