Rome "Masse Mensch Material"

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Rome "Masse Mensch Material"
  • Album: Masse Mensch Material
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: COLD MEAT
  • Artist: 
  • Luxembourg

This is one of the most beautiful releases of the year!!! It is of an unbelievable melody, as the male voice transits us via Nick Cave all the way to Leonard Cohen’s tunes... or from LAIBACH to SPIRITUAL FRONT and DEPECHE MODE, trans-passing Ambient, Post Industrial, New Wave, Neo-Classical, Dark-Romanticism... We have ballads, and also rhythmic tracks, Pop sequences and also pure Ambient ones, others with scents of Martial... everything is different, strange, simple, but hellishly expressive! Beauty of desperation! Jerome Reuter’s third album does not insist on the Dark dimension anymore, it now focuses on exaggerated melody that contours a slightly more Pop sound, with pale echoes of Industrial but fully atmospheric nevertheless. We are dealing with an album that can induce surprise, but it can also captivate an unbelievable variety of fans, admiring completely distinct music styles!