ROOM WITH A VIEW "First Year Departure"

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ROOM WITH A VIEW "First Year Departure"
  • Album: First Year Departure
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Elegant Gothic for a decadence age... Isolationist and theatrical Art... what a characterization and definition...not to mention the attitude!!! There is a true avant-garde tent! Trumpet, violin, tambourine, classical guitar, and acoustic parts...everything is built on a rhythmic and theatrical Gothic Dark Pop framework with roots in modern New Wave. If you like, it is a replica to BEYOND DAWN, but in a more plastically expressed version, a knotty one. Francesco Grass' mature voice appoints a melancholic aura with plentiful superb inflections while Francesco Lonetti's bass outlines the gravity of Italian music. From time to time avant-garde riffs of Alessandro Mita's guitar's or Fabio Cappabianca's straight drum intercessions...simply complete such grave atmosphere. The sound's roots are multiple and I can even say it mostly is a European music of which essence focuses on specific traditional elements uniquely combined within the nine tracks. Therefore, this is a very damn' different albums from all I've lately listened to and I have the feeling that we're talking about a certain mirage impossible to be framed or spoken about inside these lines... maybe between the lines... This is a music of low or nightclub...decadence, art and mystery! I end this review revealing some details: the band was founded back in 1999 under the name of BLACK THORNS LODGE and it was the promo released in 2000 that brought them a contract with this young label.