Rotting Christ "Aealo"

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Rotting Christ "Aealo"
  • Album: Aealo
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Season Of Mist
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

Sakis and his band return with a more than overpromoted album and announced it as being the most representative material of all times. With guest stars like Alan/Primordial or DIAMANDA GALAS, how couldn’t that possibly sound like a splendid album?

The previous “Theogonia”, realized in 2007, wasn’t a delight for everyone, but it was well received because starting with the change of the label, the band seemed to self-motivate themselves in order to produce something else than random albums composed according to the contract.

I couldn’t say that “Aealo” is a sequel, but it isn’t much different either ! What is striking from the start? The Epic Dimension, which is truly imposing, as well as the guitars’ melody, very well primarily inserted and which seem to lead the sound. We have interludes with various feminine choruses in between, together with traditional instruments… actually, what I think I dislike is this Folk Pagan (the Greek aura) pushed so hard in such an energic Melodic Metal album’s structure, where only the voice could be considered Black Metal. “Thou Art Lord” is a song which overcomes the characteristic ROTTING CHRIST patterns (except the chorus) and Alan’s voice develops a particular dynamic, possibly being the most experimental and mystic sequence from the whole album.

A very well made song - “Santa Muerte” reminds me of “Non Serviam” and I’m sure “…Pir Threontai” will absolutely rock live, because the intro is a real blast. “Orders from the Dead” is an extremely interesting song but it’s clearly seen that this cover was composed out of 2 distinct parts, one in which Diamanda performs the song in her own way and the other, molded after the other, trying to offer an adequate background to this worldwide supervoice. No matter how things are, all my respect for the 4 Greeks and their enviable longevity, the band being formed 23 years ago ! “Aealo” will be greeting great success and I’m sure that the fans will enjoy the new 11 tracks, because they perfectly fit their expectations: Bombastic, Epic, Traditional, Atmospheric, Melodic and very Heavy !