SAATTUE "Jaahyvasti"

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SAATTUE "Jaahyvasti"
  • Album: Jaahyvasti
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

An interesting project, performed in Finnish, with band members that have also been a part of YEARNING or THYRANE. It tries to entwine slow Doom Metal with modern elements, full of melody and rhythm. There's nobleness within the intention, but the probability to succeed is a small one, because a combination like this one can easily produce a fiasco. Well, SAATTUE managed to show throughout the seven tracks a new style combination, giving identity to their sound, an extremely fine conceived and executed one. Many Finnish bands released under SPIKEFARM banner lately are pretty identical, but SAATTUE touched my soul, as I appreciate a lot the extremely insistent voice and the guitar harmonies reminding us that we're listening to a Northern band. We can also spot some scents of wintry Finnish style, as the voice bring TENHI to my mind on certain sequences... otherwise, beautiful Metal, with Dark voices, screams, imposing inflexions all the way... I am quite eager to get to hear another album from these six, especially as there aren't too many albums released so far!