SAGITTARIUS "Songs For The Ivory Tower"

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SAGITTARIUS "Songs For The Ivory Tower"
  • Album: Songs For The Ivory Tower
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

After being part of the Black Metal band HAILSTORM for more than 10 years, Cornelius Waldner decided to explore his Neo – Classical side as well.
After its little known debut, SAGITTARIUS now becomes visible through a special NeoFolk album, full of poetical echoes, of remarkable instruments, somewhere between the limits of melancholic and nostalgic, with a piano that is quite serene but as well as that, one that leaves a strong mark on the album in general, and the reciting voices, in particular. It must be mentioned that the guests are carefully chosen, every single one of them being allowed the opportunity of putting forward their personal know-how or ability, their artistic inputs being easily recognisable. And so, we meet: Damiano Mercuri (Rose Rovine E Amanti), Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R/SEELENLICHT), Philipp Jonas (SECRETS OF THE MOON), Herr Twiggs (KAMMER SIEBEN) or Marcel P. (VON THRONSTAHL). The least bit dynamic, more likely meditative and full of a poetic dimension than anything else, SAGITTARIUS unveils through these 15 tracks a pretty damn elegant universe, slightly elitist and with an elevated aura that could perhaps bother or even bore the superficial listener. I personally find it difficult to understand this band from a conceptual point of view, as a great deal of their poems are recited (rather than sang) in German, but also due to the fact that the sounds aura is impressive. “Europa Calling” and “The Song” are two simply marvellous tracks, where, with or without the flute, the sound leaves you breathless. I noticed on MySpace that Cornelius’s project has now transformed into a trio, another ex. Black metal player, Dimo Dimov (SVARROGH) being welcomed alongside Marcel P. I am not sure how Dark can this band be considered but no doubt that the word interesting is the least to be said!