SALEM "Spread The Germs"

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SALEM "Spread The Germs"
  • Album: Spread The Germs
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: KMG MUSIC
  • Artist: 
  • Israel

One of the oldest Death Metal bands (founded in 1985!!!) returns with a new specific album! A grim voice, heavy guitars, ravishing blasting battery seems to be the prevailing elements for SALEM sound. In order to confirm that Israelis' universe is not limited, they use melodic voices, female ones as well, oriental shades (afro-Cubans percussions and Arabian elements), traditional parts and lyrics of all kinds including psalmic ones. I might say it doesn't sound bad at all!!! For a Death Metal fan "Collective Demise" could be an illustration of extreme virtuosity and it would definitely not be a regretful choice. For is just another Death Metal album in lack of originality as my only admiration goes for their strength to revisit Metal scene. If "Kaddish" or "A Moment Of Silence" were appreciated albums and the Metallic publications showed such..., well, this didn't go for the lyrics as well. Israeli parliamentarians quite reacted to their anti-Israel messages and the track "Ha'ayara Bo'eret" (the town is on fire) practically reached a real conflict situation next to holocaust issue...