SALTATIO MORTIS ""Das Zwite Gesicht"

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SALTATIO MORTIS ""Das Zwite Gesicht"
  • Album: "Das Zwite Gesicht
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

"Dance Of The Death" is the signification of this recently super mediated project. The fact is that lyrics are in German, which makes the sense for the entire German mass media not to cease praising the album. There might be truth between the lines but with one single road: for the inspiration of mixing Medieval with Punk and with Epic Metal as well...into a modern electronic aura. In other words, outlines of old medieval music with sounds of bagpipe and other traditional instruments having actually embraced a modern full of energy shape due to electronic rhythms with diverse voices and Rock tunes! From a different perspective, I may say Punk is really the reason and motivation for this band to sound like this and, unfortunately this is not the kind of atmosphere I prefer. In fact, the whole SALTATIO MORTIS message is completely different from those coming from metal bands, even if the theme is sometimes common and for this case is "The Contest With Death". The seven musicians prove to have evident abilities in handling all musical instruments and it is very possible for their music to be a quality one. I am not in the position to be sure and neither much interested in! I have listened to the album for couple of times and I didn't dislike it, in fact, I believe I might even listen to it once again and to be more precise, every time I could intend to offer my guests an aerobic incursion... Well, the CD's booklet is extraordinary and indeed the complete production of the album attests high class. I don't believe I convinced you but neither did I estrange you from SALTATIO MORTIS. You are to cover by yourselves the road all the way through their music and once you opened the doors...who knows if you find yourselves among fans of this new style, which is Medieval/Punk/Rock. I myself have doubts I would...but who can really tell?