SAMMATH "Dodengang"

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SAMMATH "Dodengang"
  • Album: Dodengang
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: FOLTER
  • Artist: 
  • Netherlands

Once again Black Metal, this time presented in a more professional form. Jan Kruitwagen is the leader of this band since 1994 and he has now released the third album, the first one I am listening to. I could rate it as Furios Black Metal after a first audition, but relistening to it uncovers me also an elegantly conceived melodic line, even if it is structured on an excessive guitars' speed. I cannot figure out why, but the bass is hardly heard, while the guitars and the drums are the key elements of the sound; the demonic voice hasn't impress me at all...perhaps due to the fact it is common, linear, and lacked in contrasts, inflexions or tonalities turnovers. There are certain influences from Norse Black Metal and GEHENNA, NAGLFAR or DISSECTION are resembling bands as far as the style is concerned. We have a fine virtuosity, a correct approach, so we can spot that SAMMATH is one of the best quality Dutch bands, especially that there is a second drummer giving me the feeling of a drum-machine. Therefore, we have a quality, yet unoriginal Grim Raw Black Metal. SAMMATH could be an interesting band for the future if the mixing will be done better, the voice will turn more inspired, and if they'll focus more on rhythm turnovers. I still wonder: has Koos Bos, the drummer, performed in CARCASS years ago? Damn killing drumming style he has!