SATANOCHIO "Vagrant Matter Heritage"

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SATANOCHIO "Vagrant Matter Heritage"
  • Album: Vagrant Matter Heritage
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I remember that Coro from Axa Valaha kept on telling me for the last two years about this inland project. I know they've released an album last year, named "I am Satanochio", that I've got the chance to relisten now and I still got no idea how to label it. What's for sure is that we are dealing with a band that pursues into sounding as odd as possible, presenting a very aggressive sound, someplace where Black and Death Metal meet, they do call it Evil Metal, with much Dark and aggressiveness, especially throughout the draconic voice. The guitars are quite primitive, and the strings warfare tends to scratch the hearing, while the battery only plays the rhythm that the drummer dictates to it... I could call it atypical, but pretty technical on certain fragments. I even spotted some scents of early CYNIC, meaning all sorts of rhythm, mood, and logical transitions. This last material doesn't sound bad at all, and only consists in three tracks, finely recorded, with an apocalyptic sound on the background (plus the sinister intro) and a final piece of 12 minutes length from which about nine are irrelevant, just an insipid tinkling... I would have enjoyed listening to a conceptual album, alluring me into easily uncovering the dexterity of the new drummer and also allow me to experience the desired insight over the musical approach this strange project presents. In what concerns the imagery, the band continues to veil their faces into mysteriousness, as they appear both on the promo images and on the nine videos done just some months ago (the "Dark Visions From The Fog " DVD) with their faces swathed, therefore pretty vague... it's obvious that the imagery aspect is under control, as Costin Chioranu is known as one of the most talented Romanian designers, centred on white and black images in his conceptualization, full of mystery and hard to comprehend. SOPOR AETERNUS might have been of inspiration for them. Therefore: "3 points giving the direction of the New World. 3 icons ruling 3 social classes. 3 dead keeping the pyramidal evolution. We are all capable to revolt. Awake!".