SATARIAL "Heidenlarm"

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SATARIAL "Heidenlarm"
  • Album: Heidenlarm
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Russia

A long time for this second album to be released... The oldest Russian Black Metal band, founded in 1989, manages to bring 11 tracks, five years after the exceptional "Quenn Of The Elves'Land", in 1997! I suppose I should have expected to have found enclosed in the booklet another pictures with naked women, various Satanist accessories and some zestful effects for band's live version. Lord Seth' obsession next to anti-Christianity is materialized as well in lyrics yet the whole album is just a tribute to Dark divinity. How does it sound? Well, there is nothing new since the last one...the amalgam of Black Pagan Metal and Folk Epic has the power in sound, there are flute, a simple female voice, violin and all Metallic garnishes. Unfortunately, Lord Seth followed no evolution at all regarding the sound or the musical concept. I think this second album could be interesting solely as an echo of the former one and not for its tracks...and perhaps for the erotic/obscene facet! Sad but true...who knows? If the album was released one year after the first, the effect might have been different! Anyway, the 11 tracks are, in fact, a lousy common combination of traditional passages (old ballads) and extreme Metal elements while the resemblance between each other strikes so that you come to think that the album appeared only fore the sake of being not because there was a reason at all! For those who haven't listened so far to Black Metal Folk/Medieval orientated bands... SATARIAL might be an appropriate choice... for the rest, who look for innovative Metal I guess it would be better to pay attention to something else.