SATARIEL "Phobos and Deimos"

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SATARIEL "Phobos and Deimos"
  • Album: Phobos and Deimos
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Such hard times this band had to face!!! After a failure with Impure Creations Records the Swedish released their debut "Lady Lust Lilith" at Pulverised Records. Then, they sustained plenty of gigs and finally signed for Hammerheart. The ex-members of THE MOANING, DAWN ODF DARKNESS, BELSEMAR or NECROMICON have invited now Messiah Marcolin (CANDLEMASS, MEMENTO MORI) so that the three tracks he also performs in are quite fantastic. The rest is just Death Metal in a melodic version, based on the contrast melodiousness/aggressiveness, some Doom parts and a lot of keyboard. If Messiah were not invited, most certainly, the album would have passed as unobserved. In this case, I believe there shall follow regards and regards... for quite some time, even if SATARIEL's musical and conceptual structure has nothing else outstanding in comparison with other bands of Swedish extreme Metal school.