SATYRIAN "Eternitas"

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SATYRIAN "Eternitas"
  • Album: Eternitas
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: LION
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

Do you remember DANSE MACABRE? Jan "Orkki" Yrlund, a veteran of the Gothic Rock scene, decided to unshelve this project and, along with the participation of certain impressive international figures, changed the name into SATYRIAN and created this very album! For those uninformed, Orkki holds record of remarkable bands he had collaborated with: LACRIMOSA, IMPERIA, ANGEL, DELAIN, PRESTIGE, SINMASTERS, BURANA 357... I'm troubled into presenting SATYRIAN's pieces, because they differ a lot from one to another, therefore we could rather consider it a compilation. Perhaps these four long silenced years determined the musicians to entwine on the stave all their risen Gothic Rock ideas.

Therefore, we are dealing with a conceptual hybrid which generates a slight auditory fatigue. Feminine vocals are considerably "coloured", so that Kemi Vita (THE DREAMSIDE) and Judith Stuber enter into a deep resonance with Roman Schonsee's powerful voice (it still resembles PYOGENESIS), one oscillating between the Dark aggressiveness and Goth's unaffectedness, therefore we can experience as extremely pleasant the low timber of the exercises in vocalization! The guitars sound very energetic, the keyboard is all over, the rhythm of the battery is a simple but drawing one, everything is superb! Despite its commercial scent, SATYRIAN's sound doesn't part with the Dark dimension, moreover, the romantic & classic orchestration mix alongside the shades of Wave and Rock Atmospheric stand out an exceptional album in the end! Even if the guitar riffs sound more Metal than Rock, we cannot label SATYRIAN as a Metal band. But, sincerely, it doesn't matter at all: does Atmospheric Dark Goth/Rock ring any captivating bells to you? Cause that's my sense out of it...