SEAR BLISS "Forsaken Symphony"

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SEAR BLISS "Forsaken Symphony"
  • Album: Forsaken Symphony
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: RED STREAM
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

This is an interesting and, in the same time, linear album! I have no idea why Andras Nagy prefers to leave the voice unmixed as it really bothers in such shape! The label pretends that this is the band's sound but I keep my opinion that Black Metal can be listened to in a more elaborated profile (of voices and guitars) as well! It is like a ceaseless noise interweaving a bombastic keyboard and a resonant trombone...If seen from a different perspective, I could say that the new parts remind me of the superb debut, "Phantoms", full of atmosphere and amazing rhythms! This Hungarian Black Metal approach is successful as well, outlined by a trombone/baritone placed inside melodic passages, extremely aggressive guitars with primitive riffs, a constant battery and a demonic voice definitely pissed off by this life! I cannot distinguish much of a difference from the former material but nevertheless is better than the other two. I guess it is a pleasant surprise that, although has not the proper strength of a reputable album, manages to awake the nostalgia of that time right after the demo "The Pagan Winter" was released. News might be that the other founder member, the guitar player- Csaba Csejtei has returned to the band.