SEAR BLISS "Glory and Perdition"

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SEAR BLISS "Glory and Perdition"
  • Album: Glory and Perdition
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: REDSTREAM
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

The five Hungarians come back in forth even if their product is not far from what they released at the very beginning of the musical career. In fact, it sounds like if this is the house of aggressive Black Metal itself...vocals, guitars, drums...all confirms! In exchange, I find a keyboard more intelligently handled creating an elegant atmosphere...and there is a trombone as persevering as always! I definitely cannot say it is the best album they released so far but I am sure it is the best of the last 4-5 years. On the first track features Attila Csihar's voice, probably invited with a straight purpose : to better promote the material! Well I enjoyed listening to this album but ... after two consecutive auditions I got bored! This is a succinct/short review just in resemblance with the album's length/depth...