SEAR BLISS "Grand Destiny"

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SEAR BLISS "Grand Destiny"
  • Album: Grand Destiny
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: RED STREAM
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

The fourth album of these Hungarians was released at an autochthon label, last year, but Red Stream insisted for the album to appear as well under their hallmark...therefore, in a dissimilar imagery, SEAR BLISS presents now the best tracks of that album. I have written all about it "Kogaionon" no. 7 which means I see no use to repeat myself. I may only say that the 10 tracks follows the atmospheric Black Metal line, with trumpet, trombone and baritone, an aggressive throaty (rather too linear) voice, melodic parts, even melancholic ones, fast guitars and a more restrained synth than on former albums...SEAR BLISS is focused now on a sound rather Metallic than a sumptuous grandiloquent one and the traditional elements (Robert Pinter is back with his trumpet!) basically bestow inventiveness to the sound.