SEAR BLISS "The Arcane Odyssey"

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SEAR BLISS "The Arcane Odyssey"
  • Album: The Arcane Odyssey
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Hungary

Clear a as moonlight: it is the Hungarians most mature album! Pity that after a promising debut long years ago, the band failed into imposing itself as it deserved, as the consequent four albums were to be placed somewhere at the edge of mediocrity. Along with the British label, SEAR BLISS seem to have found its early spirit, as it succeeded now into harmoniously entwining the specific Black Metal with traditional and atmospheric elements, alike the never-failing trumpet, trombone or keyboard! Along these, I can now distinguish Progressive frames, OPETH alike, enhancing a very elaborated sound, full of less Black sequences, incredible for SEAR BLISS. What I can certainly spot as the same is the voice, that should, in my humble opinion, suffer some transformations, not necessarily improvements, yet it has to reach more diversity and expressivity. Otherwise, this album represents a true surprise for me and it is by far the most beautiful present that the band could bestow on their fans all over the world! Congratulations Andras!