SECOND LASS "Try To Paint A Fitful Love..."

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SECOND LASS "Try To Paint A Fitful Love..."
  • Album: Try To Paint A Fitful Love...
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: WATCH ME FALL
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

I do acknowledge the label's description made me more than curious: HIM, TIAMAT, TO DIE FOR, DURAN DURAN! Now, since I have listened to the album, I can tell with no doubts that these talented musicians' debut has certain roots in '70-'80's fashion, starting with PINK FLOYD to DAVID BOWIE or even DEPECHE MODE. I cannot brand the sound of these five Italians because the scale is rather too assorted, from Rock, Pop or Electronic/Psychedelic till Gothic Metal or Dark Wave. Each track has its own story; there is no connection between them as the tunes are extremely different and manifold. It all starts with Orson Wells' voice, recorded during '30's, suggesting a simulation of alien invasion...Then, SECOND LASS opens Gothic Rock surprises series with a track in which the male voice takes over the whole sound while the tunes' echoes turned me back almost 20 years ago when, in order to put your hands on a magnetic tape with a DURAN DURAN or David Bowie albums, certain sacrifices and compromises were required. Anyway, by that time, musical information used to be so limited that almost any guitar or some lyrics in a foreign language instantly created a state of inner liberation, at least inside Eastern Europe. I do confess, this album pleasantly surprised me even though there are not valences of musical skilfulness to be noticed...but rhythmical and melodious aspects still are to be mentioned as two fundamental elements with which SECOND LASS can proudly stand. There is also another piece to point out: Psychedelic feature but its exploitation is rather too pale as solely the last two tracks insist on this inaccessible dimension. All in all, I do advice you to taste this opus in 12 acts as it really worth!