SECOND SKIN "Illa Exuro In Silentium (She Burns In Silence)"

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SECOND SKIN "Illa Exuro In Silentium (She Burns In Silence)"
  • Album: Illa Exuro In Silentium (She Burns In Silence)
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United States

A pretty vast activity, four media friendly albums, a lot of collaborations, a lot of fans… this is how SECOND SKIN presents itself in 2008. On a Death Rock skeleton but with Dark Gothic references, the band shows a modern sound, based on explosive electric guitars, rhythmic drums, bombastic keyboards and an imposing male voice! There are also industrialised tracks, with an electronic feel to them; some with slower passages, at the limit of melody… everything being within a somewhat dark, glacial and sombre note! I can’t find many original elements in this sound… Other than that, an album slightly better than average, that will be looked for by the fans of older Gothic, from SYSTERS OF MERCY to JOY DIVISION. Judging from this particular point of view, it very well could be that the album is a small jewel and the fans could consider it a cult one!