SEPTIC FLESH "Communion"

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SEPTIC FLESH "Communion"
  • Album: Communion
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

The Greeks' sixth album is the most powerful and elaborated one among all released throughout seventeen years of history, with two interruptions included. Except the symphonic elements saturating the sound more than ever before, SEPTIC FLESH is the same Atmospheric Death Metal band we've got used to, without many structural changes from the beginning. The album has a mighty start, as the Industrial scent vaguely gets veiled in the multitude of orchestral, symphonic, choral elements (philharmonic orchestra of Prague, over eighty instrumentalists, thirty voices), while Spiros's voice is the same throaty and brutal one as in the past, and the guitars enhance the Epic expressivity, yet remaining as melodious as before (alike Mackintosh in PARADISE LOST’s early times), plus a very dynamic drum... I also uncover some normal voices, but they are quite pale and lacked in inspiration. After the first half, the tracks turn more technical, more composed, the symphonic elements vanish, and everything becomes a damn good sounding Melodic Death Metal with Gothic scents, yet one without any personality of its own. The sole element giving identity to the band remains the brutal, but very inspired voice, even though it doesn't insist on inflexions, but prefers the extreme linearity. A special album, an excellent conceived step for this reunion, and the quartet certainly is a smart choice for every concert organizer.