SERENITY MAGAZINE "issue 9, February 2001"

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Well, you can imagine how much and many I could understand in a language I know not! But let's give it a try! Those 13 interviews seem to be long and interesting if we guide ourselves by the "he, he, he" of the interviewees... Otherwise, there are lots of reviews of all kinds and, from the qualifications, I can consider a help in finding out the magazine's orientation, which might be: Black(?)Death/Power Metal. I guess it is rather natural since the interviews are with bands like: ZYKLON, GEHENNA, VOMITORY, CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR and ANNIHILATOR... I also assume it is desired to be a serious and respectful magazine in Nordic lands. What I dislike? Well, except my lack of Swedish language knowledge...the same fashion of promoting exclusively bands en vogue.