SETH "Divine-X"

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SETH "Divine-X"
  • Album: Divine-X
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • France

The French band enjoyed a great success right from the beginning but signing with OSMOSE actually made them famous all over the world. Unfortunately, the second album was a mediocre one and the style they approached became rather common. The new compositions seem to overpass the line of the precedent album although neither these can reach the value of the first one. As far as the musical concept is regarded, SETH combines brutal parts with the atmospheric and even electronic ones; a variety of voices sounds good and the Heavy guitars follow better scores. It is a modern Black Metal with progressive and experimental valences more carefully conceived and interpreted so that the entire sound is a professional one rather attractive for those who prefer sophisticated Black Metal. On the other hand it is an album that deserves much more attention when listening to it.