SEVERE TORTURE "Sworn Vengeance"

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SEVERE TORTURE "Sworn Vengeance"
  • Album: Sworn Vengeance
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: EARACHE
  • Artist: 

That's an intelligently executed Death Metal, with background voices, energetic guitars and technical battery! Nothing original though, at least not on the Death Metal scene, that seemed to be overdone for quite some years now but which seems to be still appreciated by many fans. We also have bonus tracks, meaning cover-version ENTOMBED or CRO-MAGS and pretty soon another one is on its way, for AUTOPSY. The guttural voices seem authentic on such a sound and I can't place this CD elsewhere but on the same shelf with: OBITUARY, BLOOD RED THRONE, DEEDS OF FLESH or CANNIBAL CORPSE! Remember though that we are dealing with a European Death Metal, not to be confused with the one from Florida!