SHADEWORKS "Sooty Limbs"

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SHADEWORKS "Sooty Limbs"
  • Album: Sooty Limbs
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

Although it is an older material, I consider being right if reminding about it... since the Weird Atmospheric Metal background is an exceptional one with a clear Avantgarde note! The vocal assortment (male +female) indeed is ground-breaking and the Gothic Ethereal note interestingly gets blended with Metal or even Heavy touches... It is a pity that only four tracks are included on CDR and I still am stupefied as I don't understand how is it possible for a sound like that not convince any label. Well, it is true, this is not the best recording but both concept and orientation deserve maximum rate! Cheers to Nicolas Arnaud, a virtual colleague of mine who keeps alive a webzine as well:;