SHADOWCAST "Near Life Experience"

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SHADOWCAST "Near Life Experience"
  • Album: Near Life Experience
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: CCP
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Cyber Metal? This is really a strange definition... Anyway, ex-members of bands such as AMORTIS, CEPHALIC or ABIGOR have decided to make a proof of Gothic Metal with Power/ Progressive touches and deep roots in extremely brutal Metal. All in all, the male vocals gradation simply is the strongest element in this album structure, even if the screaming ones often try to imitate exactly what THE KOVENANT performs now. I could go even much further with the thought finding even instrumental elements in the sound of this Norwegian band. On the other hand, I'd say that Atmospheric Melodic Metal would be the most appropriate description for the sound since the keyboard is the instrument with a great abundance of bombastic passages. Moreover, the last part of the album features a dynamic and aggressive Electro-Industrial current. It actually is a modern version of Metal coming from these Austrian musicians but I think they should decide either melody or aggressiveness as you can't have all! From a different perspective I think this tends to become a clone for the new wave of synthetic Metal and -why not?- a pale copy for THE KOVENANT, which still preserves some different connections with other domestic styles. In other words, it is like trying to visit many places in the same time so that finally you may end up right in the middle of nowhere. I must say again, Moritz Neuner's battery execution is absolutely remarkable!