SHAPE OF DESPAIR "Angels Of Distress"

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SHAPE OF DESPAIR "Angels Of Distress"
  • Album: Angels Of Distress
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Let us see what we've got right here : long guitar solo, bombastic keyboards, depressed, sad and from time to time "ultra-deep growls" male voice, an enchanting and fragile female voice, a rather glacial atmosphere where no hope can possibly live...a frozen picture that throws your mind into a Finnish winter realm. ESOTERIC meets SKEPTICISM, which means Slow Majestic Funeral Doom Metal!!! In comparison with previous one "Shades Of...", the band has now a new formula featuring Pasi Koskinen (AMORPHIS) as vocal and Toni Raehalme at violin. The whole depressive aura sets forth a specific note to the album, not so transcendental and even more accessible than the earlier one yet in the same horrific atmosphere. Although the band has changed the line up, ex-RAVEN carries on the same contour it has begun six years ago, also indulgently monotonous but now even insipid un exciting after a few more auditions. If we were to put together the two albums, one could find differences in sound and concept as well, a little clearer and more professional during the last tone, but without major distinctive alteration inside the inner direction. I find quite worrying and dreadful if not the gravest thing, I mean, is there any shade of evolution? I do not perceive as an inspiring fact to embrace conservatism in such music if being aware there are a lot of Finnish band already following the same melodic line. I should say that it is a step forward as far as the biography is concerned and stagnation for the concept dynamic of the sixth musicians. It is qualified for one audition, maybe two...but after that you have no alternative but changing the CD. If up to me, I desire for something else but slow tracks, extremely long, all kindred and inanimate. I do think there is an explanation for performing such boring sound: the album was conceived between 1997-1999, which is pretty long time ago.
The proper term to define today those Finnish musical concepts should rather be "anachronic"! That is a sad fact as well as their music itself! Wake up, dear collegues, we have already entered the third millenium! A strong point to defence the Finnish consists in digipack exquisite design.