Shining "Angst-Sjalvdestruktivitetens Emissaire"

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Shining "Angst-Sjalvdestruktivitetens Emissaire"
  • Album: Angst-Sjalvdestruktivitetens Emissaire
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Well, I finally am enthusiast (still!) about an old style Black Metal album! I didn't expect for such to be possible any more. But it is and I really quite enjoyed it. Having deep roots in BURZUM and DARK THRONE, SHINING released the third album in the same manner as the others, which are a Depressive and Suicidal Black Metal! Let's say: a lent rhythm, a shy battery (I have a feeling that Hellhammer quite had a relaxing job!) and the project's leader, Niklas Kvarforth, does all it is in his power to prove that Black Metal, Nordic version, in lack of modern atmospheric tortures can still make an impression! With a grim tortured voice, SHINING insists on the darken side; having long tracks rather resembling one with the other, both in execution and shape. If I am not wrong, this Swedish Black Metal project is in best shape ever as far as last years Swedish metal activity was regarded and I believe there is no chance for this album not to penetrate and strike the segment of conservative listeners who still are hungry for extreme measures. There are some pathways that remind me of first two HADES' albums on a BATHORY background!

This mid-tempo murders any possible mood of restraint and although the album is abundant in aggressiveness...there is in sound certain melancholia and impressive sadness! I repeat myself, but I must say this is a surprise, a very good album with an approach not at all original but intelligently executed! I guess I should mention about an instrumental track composed by Alexander Purkis that has nothing to share with it is just a sound of medieval clavier whose tunes follow a grave theatrical tone reminding of classical music.