Shining "V-Halmstad"

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Shining "V-Halmstad"
  • Album: V-Halmstad
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: OSMOSE
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Kvarforth, Niklas Olsson to be more precise, is this odd band's mastermind and he completely silenced me with this fifth album! Roberto/Avantgarde must greatly regret not keeping them at his label for at least one more release! It is, on the other hand, atypical for Osmose to promote a work like this one, as they haven't released any avantgarde projects until now! OK. No more harangue, especially as there were certain rumors about Kvarforth suicide... Details... I am holding in my hands one of the most beautiful and ingenious Atypical Metal albums ever! Starting back in 1996 with a Suicidal Black Metal approach, SHINING unlocks the first forms of nonconformism with their fourth album "IV - The Eerie Cold"! The new material is the continuance of the former one, yet it unveils true ripeness! Darker than ever, melancholic, progressive and ambiental on certain sequences, SHINING revolutionizes every single cliché or musical boundary, reminding me about the impact produced by FLEURETY or VED BUENS ENDE fifteen years ago. There's no analogy intended, it's just a truly admirable conceptual approach! With a Depressive Black Metal structure on the background and some shades of musical misanthropy and nihilism scenting of STRID or BURZUM, SHINING now opens us a hallucinating universe!!! I find it simply impossible to depict this sound! How the hell should I describe the acoustic version of Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata, a track named is a way that solely the Northern ones can understand... I still strive to find some key elements in order to categorize this sound: the old SHINING, alongside BURZUM, BETHLEHEM, with some Swedish Rock touches as MOGWAI or KENT, plus some shades of the '80's Progressive or eve Psychedelic... both as instrumentation and voices... can you imagine how Niklas's voice modulations project us from a depressive, darkly cold realm (enlivened by his terrifying rasped tone) towards the melodious serenity of Rock & Roll's dimension! I have now idea how do SHINING's live performances look like now, as for over ten years the classic associations involved blood, cutting the veins, suicide, negativism...and plenty of Black Metal! I really wish to see them interpreting the new sequenced live in Romania, as this last album is a truly inspired one! Solely six tracks, a short and acoustic one, the rest extremely elaborated and of considerable length, inviting us on a journey within the entire musical realm... simply genius!