SHIP OF FOOLS "Let's Get This Mother Outta Here"

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SHIP OF FOOLS "Let's Get This Mother Outta Here"
  • Album: Let's Get This Mother Outta Here
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

This is quite a surprise and a travel back in time! SHIP OF FOOLS is one of the most avant-garde bands I ever listened to so far and "Out There Somewhere" is a remarkable album, for sure! Of course, neither the previous one, "Close You Eyes Forget The World", was less than this, but when I think about how much time has passed by since their debut..., almost ten years, I come to realize how quickly I'm getting older!!! I remember I used to listen to this band by the time MY DYING BRIDE or ANATHEMA fought for supremacy against PARADISE LOST! All my friends kept wondering what I found so divine in SHIP OF FOOLS when Doom/Death Metal owned the power...Neither today I couldn't define what I like best at this band. Their musical orientation was supposed to be compared with GGFH or KONG and the fact a label like Dreamtime actually promoted such bands is absolutely something to be praised!
Unfortunately, the two albums this band released in 1993 and 1994 were actually the only ones as the band split two years after. I don't know if it is in my power to characterize such sound but I can assure you, by far and by heart reasons, this CD is a brilliant one! The eclectic mixture of Ethereal with EBM, Industrial, Noise effects and Alternative/Progressive sketches out a stunning music, with an alluring keyboard full of acoustic passages, a battery able to create a danceable-waltz rhythm fulfilled with staccato in the end...all is absolutely astonishing! "From Time" is definitely the most elaborated and imposing track so that the whole 15 minute turn out to be the most wonderful journey into a multidimensional universe in lack of any known guiding marks. It is absolutely different from what you are used to listen to for these days...just a smooth travel into a fascinating realm defective of stylistic adjectives...This very CD presents the best nine tracks featured in both albums and you shouldn't miss listening to it! There are no vocals (just a few talking parts and whispers on a background of some tracks), no common rhythm, no classical style...just SHIP OF FOOLS! In order to complete such material, the label offers as well a video-clip of the track "L=SD2"...therefore, this is an exquisite CD no collector should miss! If Les Smith name sounds familiar next to bands like ANATHEMA or CRADLE OF FILTH, I remind you or announce you-for those who knew not-that SHIP OF FOOLS was his musical project in which performed as well Andy Banks, Sputnik, Damien Clarke or Mick Reed. If I was convincing...this is good news! If you enjoy this material, it means we speak the same language!