SIEBENBURGEN "Plagued Be Thy Angel"

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SIEBENBURGEN "Plagued Be Thy Angel"
  • Album: Plagued Be Thy Angel
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

After releasing two demos and three albums, the Swedish get themselves in shape with new tracks structured in a fresh album, which was desired to be the best. Unfortunately, inspiration is exactly what Marcus Ehlin misses although the voice doesn't sound so bad. Yet let us succinctly see what we have got here: Heavy rhythms while guitars and drums are the instruments that can be more clearly heard and the female voice modestly yet not harmoniously interferes in the chorus. It is an album that gives the sensation of haste and unprofessional mixing with a very empty anachronistic sound. There is nothing modern and neither old style. It simply reminds me from time to time of older ROTTING CHRIST but that should be all. If "Loreia" or "Grimjaur" were quite intriguing albums, "Delictum" announces SIEBENBURGEN's twilight. This very sound definitely disappoints and I don't think there would be many devotees of Gothic-Black Metal style ready to appreciate such album!