SIEGFRIED "Eisenwinter"

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SIEGFRIED "Eisenwinter"
  • Album: Eisenwinter
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Neither "Drachenberz" debut enchanted me and nor this material! Why so? I have no idea. I have read that the first CD was sold in 5000 copies, which honestly surprises me! Perhaps the advertising and the sonorous names behind the band counted that much!!! Well, it is about the most talented Austrian drum player, Moritz Neuner (ABIGOR/RIP, DARKWELL, SHADOWCAST...) and then it is about an old time bass player in Roland Wurzer person Wurzer (DARKWELL, ANGRY ANGELS) and of course, the female vocal, Sandra Schleret (ex-DREAMS OF SANITY). The lyrics are in German and speak about Nibelungs stories (without any reference to politics and religion). As far as music is regarded, this is an unfortunate and uninspired hotchpotch of too many styles and probably Epic Power Atmospheric Metal would be a succinct characterization to the sound. There are chanted vocals mixed with brutal ones throughout various musical influences, from extreme Metal to Melodic. As far as both execution and recording are concerned, I have only praising words. As for the message, I must say, they cannot pass my exam! It might happen for the fans to discover other valences of this style than what I found, this is a fact! But I better stop here...