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  • Album: Seducia
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Good remembrances connect me with this very project, especially the fact that I was desperately looking, somewhere in the early '90, to get to listen some FUNERAL band's tracks. It turned into SILENTIUM later on, and if my memory doesn't play a trick on me, their debut was on '99, followed by another two albums and a MCD, all of them released by Spikefarm. Afterwards the band passes through major changes in what concearns both its members and the label, and so in 2006 we are dealing with a new album. The first track is quite beautiful, bringing out an interesting feminine voice and an orchestration that makes an assay into copying TRISTANIA, NIGHTWISH or other Gothic Death Doom Metal bands. Later on, a secondary masculine voice appears, one that I perceive as awkward and irritating! It would have been such an inspired choise to use only Riina's powerful, melodious and imposing voice! Finally, we have plenty of atmosphere thanks to the constant keyboard lines, we can experience melodic and domestic rhythm, we are also dealing with a cello trying to enhance some originality and that's all there is! In my opinion it is a faint release, even if, considering the details I can't accuse the band with disinterest! It is just the fact we are dealing with a feeble inspiration and musical orientation, despite the special sonorities!