SINCARNATE "On The Procrustean Bed"

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SINCARNATE "On The Procrustean Bed"
  • Album: On The Procrustean Bed
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: AXA VALAHA
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I’ve got this CD from Coro at Artmania, but I have also got to see the guys perform live prior to that. Despite the fact that the tracks’ structure seems to be a little old, and that the sound is rather simple, I didn’t spot any other great imperfections. It’s true, when playing live SINCARNATE sounded much better than on this EP, yet I don’t know why: maybe they’ve progressed, or perhaps because since the project was formed until now (in about a year) the members changed and they’ve found a better formula for Sybil. Therefore, Doom Death Metal just like in the 90’s, with an abundant keyboard on the background, simple but atmospheric guitars riffs, modest drums and a growl voice that would be perfect if this band was a Death Metal one. There is force, there is nerve, although alternation and inflexions lack! Everything sounds too growled, too angry, far too linear, and poorly connected to the melody and atmosphere that this sound liberates! But I don’t want to turn cavilling because there’s no reason for me to! The band sounds ok and considering the fact that there are only four tracks, that we are talking about a debut and about the intention to do more and better, I cannot appreciate more than positively this release. Well, the mixing is somehow cut, everything sounds artificial and it has a somewhat copy-paste feel to it. The booklet looks professional, the cover doesn’t seem well chosen for the Doom/Death Metal they play, but on the whole, the material is of a fine quality, proving that the Romanian Metal Scene starts to take a fresh breath, even though there’s no originality in this project! SINCARNATE has definitely made a step forward, even though it’s not perfect! MY DYING BRIDE’s fans will easily relish a “mioritic” (local) trial of cloning it. I am waiting for the next album… if they don’t vanish in the meantime, as I’ve understood that Marius, the vocalist, has left the band too. At least I hope he will have more time to focus on Hatework, as the events they organize are of quality and importance within the more extreme scene!