SIRIUS "Spectral Transition-Dimension Sirius"

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SIRIUS "Spectral Transition-Dimension Sirius"
  • Album: Spectral Transition-Dimension Sirius
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Portugal

After a fine welcome for the last album, Draconiis & Co. decided to insist on the cosmic dimension as well as on the brutal side so that, in the spring of 2001, they came up with an extremely aggressive fast album featuring a symphonic background. Otherwise, it is just Black Metal, in Nordic style, something between LIMBONIC ART and old EMPEROR yet with a few resemblances of ZYKLON's new album. I observed that, on this album, Faust, Samoth (EMPEROR) and Daemon (LIMBONIC ART/ZYKLON) are invited guests. To be sincere, it really sounds great, full of power and atmosphere yet there is something irritating me... probably it is the constant manner all Black bands from Samoth' label use in interpretation...rather too similar one with the other, too constant in ideas...that is why I can only grant it with pluses for the interpretation part and the quality of sound. One more thing... I found quite remarkable EMPEROR's cover-version of "The Majesty Of The Nightsky".