SJODOGG "Landscapes Of Disease and Decadence"

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SJODOGG "Landscapes Of Disease and Decadence"
  • Album: Landscapes Of Disease and Decadence
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: OSMOSE
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

After the great SHINING success, the French label chooses to invest on the same musical direction, as this very project aims to entwine, in an intelligent way, old style Black and Death Metal with Progressive elements, acoustic fragments and Dark, even Groove scents. If I wouldn't have listened to the last SHINING release, I would have said that SJODOGG approaches an innovative, original and authentic style. Yet, considering all the aspects, I can say that these four Northern guys, members of bands alike CREST OF DARKNESS, ENTHRAL and THE FLESH, present us an extreme Metal, well arranged on the portative, entwining in an inspired way aggressiveness with melody, quite shocking both for the admirer of excessive brutality in sound, or for the one found of calm sonorities... I think it's a very interesting debut and that we should pay attention to Dracunculus, Vulnus, Hordeolum and Tetrapus's activity!