SKEPTICISM "The Process Of Farmakon"

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SKEPTICISM "The Process Of Farmakon"
  • Album: The Process Of Farmakon
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: RED STREAM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

What can you expect when spelling SKEPTICISM? Funeral Doom Metal of first class! Unfortunately the Finnish refuse to overpass the limits of such style and so, the sound is rather the same, almost identical with the one from earlier albums. There is a difference, of course, and it consists in some supplementary effects placed in the for the rest, an angry gruff voice, extremely lent rhythms, long-lasting guitars and a drummer who awakes from time to time to heat up a little the instrument he is supposed to handle. A few years back, I might have appreciated such orientation, but for the right now, well, let me be excused, I've come to saturation. It is true, since the MCD has solely two tracks, I find quite difficult to define major changes in SKEPTICISM sound....Let us see how the future album sounds-it is expected for this autumn-and then we may reach a final conclusion.