SKYFIRE "Mind Revolution"

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SKYFIRE "Mind Revolution"
  • Album: Mind Revolution
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Another clone of Swedish Melodic Death Metal School ! If you got bored of listening to DARK TRANQUILITY or IN FLAMES you can try SKYFIRE. Although they are at their second album, the Swedes prove an amazing maturity in execution! The arrangement of melodiousness and aggressiveness is pointed out throughout a great contrast of ravishing guitars riffs and an amazing atmosphere created by two well handled keyboards. The screaming vocals are perfectly framed in the Swedish Metal style so that the new tracks take benefit of irreproachable arrangement, mixing and approach! This is a hearty album discharging lots of energy and strength and I might even say that, unfortunately, there is an inflation of good bands adopting the same line. But who can tell what bright future this band might reach?!