SLEEPLESS "Winds Blow Higher"

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SLEEPLESS "Winds Blow Higher"
  • Album: Winds Blow Higher
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Israel

What is it about this band?! The saxophone reminds me of Angelo Badalamenti and the movie "Twin Peaks". I think it is hard to guess the intention of these two young musicians with this very debut. The "bleak" atmosphere created by various instruments is followed by progressive psychedelic parts even Rock, Jazz, Dark Pop, Ethereal or Gothic, melodic whispering voices, recited intonated lyrics, and strange mixing, a dramatic piano, an amazing keyboard grave and pronounced as well, classical overwhelming guitars, a romantic flute, shy Metal riffs, Alternative echoes and an apocalyptic background...Well, I experienced quite a shock when listening to this album. In fact, not even now, I came out in my senses and I can confess I listened to it for at least five times consecutively... SLEEPLESS can be defined by a sound with a complexity and diversity that rather bother, it is incredibly well performed and mixed. Inspiration must be the strong point of these two musicians as what they have created engages us into an inedited universe that can only be limited somehow by TIAMAT ( "Wildhoney"period), PINK FLOYD, YES, EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER, BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL, DECORYAH or ULVER! Such styles fusion simply perplexes yet often the curiosity of discovering new elements keeps you tightly posted to the CD-player. I really know not why, only now, SLEEPLESS managed to release this album since the tracks were conceived and elaborated almost 4-5 years ago! If up to me, Israel means exclusively ORPHANED LAND, well now, SLEEPLESS sound has definitely convinced me that I was wrong. Do trust my words, Maor Appelbaum and David Bendayan have created an exquisite masterpiece of Experimental Progressive Atmospheric Art for which there is no alternative but to pleasantly surprise you as far as the melancholic atmosphere is concerned and as conceptual view as well. You must, no doubt, procure this very instant "Winds Blow Higher" and let yourselves bewitched by its mysterious sound...