SOLSTAFIR "In Blood and Spirit"

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SOLSTAFIR "In Blood and Spirit"
  • Album: In Blood and Spirit
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: ARS METALLI
  • Artist: 
  • Iceland

This is BURZUM and ENSLAVED at their beginning period in the most Nordic version of whole Europe... coming just from Island. The band was founded almost ten years ago and, during the time, released only a demo, a MCD and a promo-tape. This very one is their debut album and, in the same time, the most aggressive and fast one I have listened to this year. The entire material provides a primitive brutal Black Metal, with an extreme egregious voice and simple resembling modest tunes. It is a real disappointment but I think that this album might reach some impact on the side of those who still listen to the same kind of music in for the last 10 years. If sincere, I really do not care, it is too common for Black Metal, too aggressive for Heavy Metal and too old for III Millennium. Perhaps its purpose might be to wake up some nostalgia! The artwork of the booklet seems to be original and in a perfect accordance with the music.