SOLSTAFIR "Svartir Sandar"

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SOLSTAFIR "Svartir Sandar"
  • Album: Svartir Sandar
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • Iceland

There are bands and bands, concepts and concepts, musical expressions and musical expressions. Some enjoy recognition and maybe glory only after a short while, some don’t even after a long career. Some prefer following the line of a classic musical style, others venture to explore, experiment, mix, even combine in their structures various stylistic insertions. SOLSTAFIR is a band from the second category, too lazy in album releases, if we are to relate to the over 15 years of history and only 3 albums released so far. It’s true that every album has its own charm, but “Kold” overcame some years ago, all expectations. The four Icelanders worked hard for the new SOLSTAFIR chapter and these days a new CD appears, this Black Sands, an incredible music jewel! We are talking about a complex, diverse album, filled with musical influences without limits or stylistic borders… it is a universal, avantgardist expression that neatly puts on stave hard to accept chords that could (harmoniously) stay under the same concept:  Rock, Metal, Psychedelic, Grunge, Americana, Country, Post Rock. We talk about a print. The radiant epicness overflying detached the 12 tracks, meaning ca 80 minutes of really beautiful music! Whether is Rock’n’Roll, Heavy or Black Metal, it doesn’t matter... The universal dimension dominates everything, the tracks are very different, each with its own tale, each with a different approach, that gives a clear form of diversity but also emits an unbridled curiosity! These Metal cowboys show us, in 2011, that we can discussed relaxed of Grunge Metal, better put of NIRVANA in Metal version, mixed up with ENSLAVED with Alternative references. If Addi’s voice reminiscents of Kurt Cobain or other great vocalists it’s for each to decide.

I wanted to tell you how great the guitar riffs sound (even on the serious chainsaw parts)... how those drums beat aimlessly, like the vulcanic lava is about to ”flood” the drummer... or how epic and uplifting child chores are heard... or how some keyboard parts send me back to ’60s-’70s with their pacifist and friendly flavor... but I think this would be wrong to defragment a conceptual album, to sequentially describe it, only to make myself understood better. For me, ”Svartir Sandar” is the album that will give a new musical direction in the follwoing years, it will even be considered a cult and while listening to it,  will unchain energies and waves of multiple inspirations, the bands starting to experiment much more the music forgotten in the hippie parents’ drawers but with itw own everyday stamp, related to the millenium we live in. Universality and diversity are the only attributes that come to my mind right now and I would be happy if you’d be willing and manage to exit the box of patterns and stylistic cataloging when it comes to SOLSTAFIR... because if you can’t do this, you might find it too noisy or aggressive for a Rock album, or too Rock’n’Roll and ”light” for a Metal release. To me, it’s a brilliant album that manages to originally outline a Rock/Metal/Alternative ”family tree”, from the beggining of this music to today, a today perceived by most of us only through the prism of past... SOLSTAFIR already stepped forward... and ”Svartir Sandar” is on the linking bridge between past, present and future, ”reconciliation” following, by each of us in the following time, at our own intensity and unique inner feeling... See you there!