Sopor Aeternus "Les Fleurs Du Mal"

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Sopor Aeternus "Les Fleurs Du Mal"
  • Album: Les Fleurs Du Mal
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

This is the last years' most awaited release least for me! And I can tell you with all my heart that it worth waiting for! Anna Varney Cantodea's universe is a unique one, individualized and completely immune to fade or ephemeral. There's no way to listen to SOPOR without turning loose from the quotidian and, even if try to stay in the normal reality you'll fail as this genius' music casts you within its first accords in an abstract realm, where is no contour nor shades, no communication, neither dialogue, but solely isolation into listening! The choirs, the violins and all the other instruments atypical for Dark Wave or Gothic unveil a particular charm, while the voice is simply unique and everything pendulates between sorrow and morbid, amorphous mirth...! This work continues the previous one as we can find the same sound line: melodic, rhythmic, staccato, some experimental scents yet on shorter sequences...this last aspect might be the sole minus of the album... aside that, the label's presentation is complete: "Dutch baroque-organs and analogue synthesizers are merging the centuries quite effortlessly, while angelic boys-choirs and powerful male voices in devoted hymn are praising the sexless beauty of their virtuous maiden Queen. The bright sound of the celesta is omnipresent and rolls off like gentle morning-dew of the skilfully delicate web, which, woven at night by all kind of strings and woodwinds, vibrates lustfully from the gloomy toll of the carillon-bells. Undeniably grave are the trombones and trumpets, huge the timpani and drums, and yet they manage to raise such an intoxicating whirl of energy, that even the saddest spirit is easily lifted up to those mysterious spheres of splendorous joy." The imagery is also esquisite, as the CD's box is filled with all sorts of accessories for delighting the collector, including Anna's original signature and not a scanned one. This musical jewel can not, may not lack your collection!