SORATH "Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra"

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SORATH "Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra"
  • Album: Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Czech Republic

Again we meet Black Metal, but this time not in a Nordic manner, which in my eyes is a great advantage! Well, I am afraid this would be the only advantage! Why so? Well, even if SORATH has a remarkable history with more than 10 years of successful activity, they still relate themselves at a brutal Metal, in lack of any brilliant idea and with no shade of originality. The four try to cover plenty of openings, styles and influences but with a confusing result ending up in a modest outcome in lack of any expressiveness. It is the Czechs' third material and perhaps some of you might find more positive details in what they play... while I couldn't.